About The Project

The Memory Project: a multi-level, site-specific performance installation exploring the life of an early 20th century industrial worker in Hamilton. Devised and created by Sector N Collective: John Henry Gerena (movement & choreography) Edgardo Moreno (music & sound design) & Peter Riddihough (projection & lighting design, photography) Staged as part of Frost Bites 2016 Performance Festival at the Cotton Factory, Hamilton.

“an evocative and stylish multi-disciplinary performance piece that puts the concept of site-specific theatre to breathtaking use” – The View Magazine

“…a must see – an experiential and evocative examination of the role and the fate of labourers in the enterprise of Hamilton. …a powerful piece that works your mind and senses pretty hard.” – What Is Hamilton







Still Photographs: Peter Riddihough

Project Trailer


Promotional video for the project. Much of this footage evolved as we were developing the projection elements for the piece, with John Henry Gerena in character in the locations at the centre of the project. I intended this material to be projected during the show but as the idea for mounting rear projections in the doorways of our space grew I realised that the projections needed to be vertically oriented using a fixed camera rather than the moving, slow motion approach I took in this video.