About The Film

One Man’s Island was my first big film – a full length feature documentary which I made in 2002. The film has gone on to have a wonderful life of its own, having achieved cult status amongst a core audience of classic motorcycle racing aficionados. The subject of the film, Mark Gardiner, wrote a great book about the escapade, Riding Man, that has also helped maintain interest in the project. The film got some great press and was selected for a couple of high profile film festivals here in Canada; our screening at the Calgary International Film Festival was particularly memorable;¬†an extra screening had to be arranged because the film was so popular.

I can’t recommend making a film entirely by oneself and I never set out to make it that way – the process became much like “One Man’s Film” – but I did learn an enormous amount about filmmaking that you don’t learn at school nor in the world of television commercials I had been previously involved with. I’m most proud of the aspects of the film in which I took a chance – you have to when you are filming a race with one camera.