About The Project

A short documentary about my father, Robin Riddihough, and his love for theatre, stage design, and making models. We shot this over a period of several weeks while he helped build & paint his set for A.A. Milne’s “Mr Pim Passes By”, produced at Ottawa Little Theatre in December of 2012.

Filming anything to do with the theatre is a challenge at the best of times; filming a set has its own unique problems too – for a start, no one ever sees a set close up, it is only ever seen as a whole, particularly in a proscenium theatre such as this one. That said, since childhood I’ve spent many hours with my father behind the set and its one of my favorite places; I love the wooden strapping, canvas, braces, scraps of wood and old hinges that hold a set together to create the illusion for the audience. The design in this case took that illusion to another level; for the audience the set is meant to look like it’s made of cardboard or old paper.

Directed, photographed & edited by Peter Riddihough
Copyright 2013, Hoffworks Productions