The Rumbling Drumlin was a marvelous project created by my friends Adam & Katja Thom of AgaThom Architecture. The project was commissioned for Nuit Blanche as part of “Parade” a series of installations located along University Avenue between Queen’s Park and Queen Street. Complete with sound, light, steam, moving images and parts, the Drumlin explored questions of the built environment and our relationship with it. My role in the project was to create the video projection installed at the heart of the drumlin (hill); an aging Wizard of Oz beneath the clunking mechanics of the cityscape.

The project was a great exercise in shooting for projection. I shot our subject very simply, in studio against black seamless, so that only his face and body would be visible when the final video was projected at night. We had Max, our subject, sit very still, only moving slightly from time to time, so that when projected it would be unclear as to whether it was a still or video. It was highly satisfying to learn later that people viewing the exhibit would even argue that in fact there was a real person sitting inside the Drumlin for the duration of the event.