About The Project

The short tale of a capricious heroine and curiosity that can’t quite be killed.

The piece was a highly successful collaboration with actor, performer and circus choreographer Bex Carney. Stylistically the film is a blend of old & new. I took a formal approach to telling the story, in keeping with an old silent film, but with arguably many more jump cuts, close ups & reverse angles than any silent film would actually have had.

Written & Performed by Bex Carney
Directed & Photographed by Peter Riddihough
Editor: Peter Riddihough
Music Composed & Performed: Spencer Creaghan
Produced by Bex Carney & Peter Riddihough

Festival Selections & Screenings:
Forest City Film Festival, Canada, 2017
SBE Hamilton International Film Festival, United States, 2017
Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2017
Short To The Point Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2017
Milton Film Festival, Canada, 2017
Canada Shorts Festival, Canada, 2017
Shut Your Mouth Festival, Canada, 2016
Hamilton Film Festival, Canada, 2016

Best Short Film, Audience Choice Award, Milton Film Festival, 2017
Award of Distinction, Canada Short Festival, 2017